gold rain and hailstones

Gold Rain & Hailstones - September 7 - 17, 2006 at KLPAC - Pentas 1, Starring Jit Murad and Lin Jaafar, Directed by Zahim Albakri. Call 03.4047.9000 / 03.2094.9400 for tickets.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Our bump in...

Havent posted for a while - the show is in full swing! Here are some pics of our bump in ... so you can see the people (and things) behind the show.

Jit and Lin wait backstage while all the technicians prepare the lights, sound and projection.

Backstage is where all the lights are stored when not in use

Mac Chan climbs to the gods (with a bit of help) to adjust a light.

You probably dont know this, but Sidney Tan sits backstage on his computer during the entire show, and runs the graphic projections (he hand rendered them).


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