gold rain and hailstones

Gold Rain & Hailstones - September 7 - 17, 2006 at KLPAC - Pentas 1, Starring Jit Murad and Lin Jaafar, Directed by Zahim Albakri. Call 03.4047.9000 / 03.2094.9400 for tickets.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The day we start rehearsing.

We have entered the month of August now, we started the month with full excitement.
First thing, of course is to get paid, but the first thing for the production is the ARRIVAL of Lin Jaafar.
I've never meet Lin before, somehow by reading her email I imagine that she has a fun and hip personality. True enough when we finally met on Sunday night, we just start having conversation without any usual 'warm up' process that we usually need when meeting strangers. To me is a good sign. It's because this production brings people together, this is a reunion of Jit, Lin, Zahin and Pia and more. YUM SING!

Today, oh, it was yesterday now, is our BIG day!
Jit, Lin and Zahim and friends next door (Pesona Pictures family) spent some time catching up, I can't help it but was affected by their excitement. Then Jit and Lin started script reading, wow. It is amazing to watch, so much privity, so good to feel old friends together. I am curious how Lin felt about reading the script again, after years? Is it like meeting long lost old friend?

In the evening.
Our PHOTOGRAPHER - savior of the day - Pang Khee Teik. Pang help us for the photoshoot and did a great job for us, thank you Pang.
The photo shoot session was fun. Lin loves her make up, Jit was having his burger and telling joke to her while she was shooting, the joke was hilarous, we laugh so hard. Zahim had his hair cut before the shoot, and Pia has her nice peace color blouse for the shoot and before the minute Pia was leaving, Pang spot her and asked her to take some more shots in her usual black outfit with her 'changgih' sunglasses & coolest handbag and an waxed paper umbrella and....
Hey, how come she turn up having the best photos? (hahaha)
We did have some fun and should keep it!


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