gold rain and hailstones

Gold Rain & Hailstones - September 7 - 17, 2006 at KLPAC - Pentas 1, Starring Jit Murad and Lin Jaafar, Directed by Zahim Albakri. Call 03.4047.9000 / 03.2094.9400 for tickets.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Creative Meeting

Saturdays are our Creative meeting days ... we go through all the various elements of the creative side of the production. Today Fahmi showed us the poster and flier ideas, we met the 2am team who will be doing sound for us, and talked further with Mac, Sid and Crystal re the staging and design. After meeting this afternoon, and continuing the meeting over dinner at KLCC, we have hopefully gotten some of the set design sorted out... Its looking really cool! Beautiful images, clean lines, iconic furniture and props ... nothing too overwhelming, but at the same time, layering the production values and adding to whats already there!

Lin comes on Friday... And rehearsals start on the 8th! Wow.... Its all moving so fast!

Friday, July 28, 2006



written by Jit Murad
directed by Zahim Albakri
produced by Pia Zain

played by Jit Murad & Lin Jaafar


7th ~ 17th September 2006
3pm (sunday matinee)
*no show on Monday.

Pentas 1, KLPAC.

RM92, 72, 52.

Tickets call ~ KLPAC - 603- 4047 9000/
TAS@BSC - 603- 2094 9400

If you need further information please contact us at:
Dramalab office: +603 7725 3802 or
Visit for full details.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

here are some references we've been looking at. Gotta love dat pose! --sid&crystal

Monday, July 24, 2006

Jit, Jit, Jit...

"Jit Murad is a genuine humourist, a master of the internal clock of comic timing." New Straits Times, Nov 1998

"Poignant (at times), funny (the rest) and bloody clever (all of it), Gold Rain is the best play I've seen this year." Day & Night, Aug 1998

Jit and Lin

Jit and Lin in 1998

Jit in Gold Rain & Hailstones 1998

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Its interesting how much research goes into a production. Recently, we have been trying to figure out what happened in Malaysia during 1993, when GR&H was first performed, and when the play is actually set...

Here are some interesting links we came up with:

Wikipedia does a great synopsis of every year...

Some guys who travelled to Malaysia in 1993 and posted their photos - check out the cars!

Britannica gets specific - what happened in Malaysia in 1993!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Yesterday we had a great creative production meeting. Mo, our intern, presented his research of music and icons from the 80's. It was a wild trip down memory lane ... Remember Moonlighting, Remington Steele, and Scarecrow and Mrs. King? How about Wham!, Madonna's Like a Virgin, or the Talking Heads? Heh. We had some great presentations from the creative teams as well - Crystal and Sidney gave us some brilliant ideas about the projection and images, and Fahmi talked about the graphics for posters and fliers. I think the key word for this production is iconic ... and I love that concept because it talks about memory and enables people to imput their own memory into the process.

This next week is all about sponsorship and bringing the disparate elements of the production together into one working whole. Wish us luck ;)

Dramalab is pleased to present Jit Murad's iconic Gold Rain & Hailstones. This funny, moving and illuminating story is about four friends who return home from university in America, and charts their individual processes of adjusting to life back home in Malaysia. Jit Murad and Lin Jaafar reprise their roles - playing 33 different characters between them.

Gold Rain & Hailstones will be presented at KLPAC from September 7 - 17th 2006. Please join us for a journey back into time ... when we were young, and hopeful.

This blog will trace the journey of the production - and we hope that you ask questions, and pop back often for a look at what each cast and crew member feels about this important production.

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